*Beginning Aug. 4, 2008

Great Salt Lake Nature Center

Standard Hours of Operation Are:


8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Unless staff are called off-site for outreach education or presentations


Volunteers make valuable contributions with their time, labor and donations.



 The "Write Flyers", a Service Group From Westminster College,          The Gines Brothers Built Shelves for the Nature Center Storage

 Construct a Wildlife Viewing Blind for the Nature Center.                     Shed as a Service Project for Dedicated Hunter Hours.



  Great Salt Lake Nature Center Volunteer Naturalist       Boy Scout Troop 720 Built this Bench for the New Nature Center Nature Trail.

  andFormer Farmington Bay WMA Site Manager               

  Clark JohnsonInstalling his Ingenius Scope Mounts

  Around the Nature Center Deck.

The Great Salt Lake Nature Center has been so fortunate in having

people volunteer to either donate equipment or donate their time

and expertise in helping to improve the Nature Center facility itself.

The following members of the public, near and far, have donated the following:

David Powell, Birding Scope and Tripod

Joe Ford, Nature Photographs for Educational Bulletin Boards and Displays

Ted Steinke, Nature Photographs for Nature Center Brochure

Maunsel Pearce (Foundation Boardmember), 3 Microscopes

John Liegel (Volunteer Naturalist), Microwave

Utah Society of Environmental Education, 30 Binoculars Available for Check-out to Educators


Participants in the Dedicated Hunter Program have donated the following:

Brian Snyder, Snyder's Taxidermy, Taxidermed American Wigeon Drake

Aaron Pettley, Taxidermed Canada Goose and Mallard Drake

Brad Sneddon, Nature Center Deck Repair

Ron Seguin and Don Quinton Cannon, Nature Trail Resting Bench

Daniel E. Wilding Sr., Nature Trail Resting Bench

Daniel E, Wilding Jr., Nature Trail Resting Bench

Terry Larsen, Nature Trail Information Request/Comment Boxes

Howard Martinez, Wood Parking Lane Designators for the Parking Lot
Erik Sorenson, Framing and Footers for Decking
Blair Sandall, Framing and Footers for Decking and Railing
Benjamin Nielsen, Drilled for Parking Lane Designators for the Parking Lot
Richard Kirton, Painted Nature Center Classrooms
Bradley Withers, Painted Nature Center Classrooms

The following Dedicated Hunters Donated a Total of 45 Pair of Binoculars

       1. Layne Peterson
       2. Nancy Pettit
       3. Kenneth Holm
       4. David Hales
       5. Maloy Hales
       6. John Berceau
       7. Malcolm Stokes
       8. Kim Leishman
       9. Ryan Leishman


Boy Scout Troop 720 donated a bench for the new Nature Center Nature Trail. Troop members


Troop Leader--Bret Cutler

Troop Leader--Cameron Cottrell

Troop Leader--Greg Casey

Troop Leader--Mike Osiek

Scout--Zach Valliere

Scout--Carson Casey

Scout--Chase Mangum

Scout--Caden Flint

Scout--Jacob Cottrell

Scout--Jordan Cutler

Scout--Garrett Osiek

Scout--Ben Osiek


Please support the Great Salt Lake Nature Center!

Our success has and will continue to depend on

charitable donations made to the Utah Wildlife

in Need Foundation (UWIN), a registered

non-profit organization dedicated to this cause.

Because we are a 501(c)(3) organization,

all donations are tax deductible.

If you would like to make a donation, please call the Great Salt Lake Nature Center at 801-589-2373.

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Support Event

October 18, 2005

EnergySolutions Environmental Foundation presented the Great Salt Lake Interpretive Trust (now known as the Utah Wildlife and Conservation Foundation) with a check for $150,000 on October 18, 2005, for the relocation of the Nature Center to its new permanent site at 1700 W. Glover Ln.

From Left to Right: Mike Styler, Director Utah Department of Natural Resources; James Karpowitz, Director Utah Division of Wildlife Resources; Robert Springmeyer, Board President of the Utah Wildlife and Conservation Foundation

; Jordan Clements, Boardmemeber Envirocare Environmental Foundation; Pearl Wright, Executive Director Envirocare Environmental Foundation; Robert Hasenyager, Executive Director of the Utah Wildlife and Conservation Foundation;



U.S. Magnesium
EnergySolutions Environmental Foundation
Union Pacific Railroad
Colonial Lumber
Menlove Dodge Toyota
Duncan Electric
Utah Artemia Association
George S. and Delores Dore Eccles Foundation
Aquarius Plateau Trust
Swanson Family Foundation
Utah Wetlands Foundation
Davis School Foundation
Davis County Commission
Dr. and Mrs. Maunsel Pearce
Shipley Family Foundation
Cooper Roberts Simonsen Architects
Great Salt Lake Interpretive Trust


Robert Springmeyer, Jr., President
Maunsel Pearce, Vice President
Jennifer Garff Folkerson, Treasurer
Stephen Swindle, Secretary
Richard Shipley, past President
Robert Valentine
Lane Beattie


Sheryl Allen, Executive Director, Davis School Foundation
Steve Mangel, Science Supervisor, Davis County School District



Robert Hasenyager, UDWR Northern Region Supervisor
Justin Dolling, Wildlife Manager
Phil Douglass, Conservation Outreach Manager
Wendy Christensen, Fiscal Manager
Rich Hansen, Farmington Bay WMA Superintendent
Farmington Bay Volunteer Naturalists



James McIntyre, Photography
Brian L. Currie, Photography
Robyn Erkelens, Graphic Design
Kelly Schaefer, Graphic Design
Leah Jaramillo, Communications Planning and Consultation
XMission, Web Hosting